Air Link International Aviation College (ALIAC) is the recent addition to the growing members of the International Association of Aviation and Aerospace Education (ALICANTO), particularly focusing in promoting mutual interests and advocacies for aviation education.

ALIAC, founded in 1984, takes pride in being the first institution recognized by the Philippine government, through the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), to offer degree programs in various aviation-related programs.

The College has been one of the major partners of the government in keeping the aviation industry on its peak by producing quality graduates who now serve as responsible human resource of the major airlines and of the various government aviation-related offices and entities.

ALICANTO, on the other hand, enhances educational efforts through public awareness of the economic and social importance of civil aviation and creates a forum where academics, students, regulators and worldwide industry can meet, exchange ideas, and conduct research surrounding issues and advances in the field of aviation education.

ALIAC and ALICANTO recognizing the need to support future growth and continued stability in aviation are in mutual goal in advancing advocacies on aviation education by determining ways on how the industry, the academe and government work together to address the growing need for qualified aviation professionals.