Aside from the main campus located at the General Aviation Area of the Domestic Airport in Manila, Philippines. ALIAC operates a scenic three-hectare campus facility on the island of Lubang, Occidental Mindoro right at the heart of Lubang Airport. Lubang Airport, is an airport that serves the general area of Lubang Island, located in the province of Occidental Mindoro in the Philippines. It is the only airport on the island, but is one of three airports in the province.

The Lubang campus provides facilities for more intensive training for both flying and ground students. The Lubang campus has its own beach resort situated at the eastern coast behind Lubang Airport, primary purpose is to provide accommodation and recreational facilities for its aviation students only. It is not open to public for use.

The facility has 20 airconditioned rooms which can accommodate more than a hundred students for flight and ground operations training. Recreation facilities include a basketball court, swimming pool, video facilities, 4-storey view deck, ping-pong and billiard tables and two (2) Jetski for water sports recreations.