BS in Avionics Technology

A degree program that describes the electronic equipment aboard the aircraft (known as aviation electronics) which compose of VHF, HF communication, navigational instruments such as VOR, ADF, DME, GPS, ILS, and flight recorded and the airplanes electrical generating systems, as well as its autopilot systems and the airplanes, weather radar system. Turbine-powered commercial airplanes, commuter, and corporate piston-powered aircraft, and spacecraft use various forms of avionics such as vacuum & electrically operated flight instruments. Individuals gain knowledge about electronic theory and circuity, digital principles and their application, aircraft system, and structures. They learn to install, test, check, repair, and certify avionics equipment and systems installed in all aircraft. Students are also taught the basic electricity, radio, and television. Students are also taught computer literacy which is necessary to learn the computerized system of the airplane like flight director and autopilot systems.