BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

A degree program focused on giving the individual student a first- hand knowledge of the “live aircraft and engine” that propels an airplane. The student is taught the construction, operation, overhaul, installation and repair of power-plant, propeller, accessories and other structural parts of the aircraft. Graduates of this course can also process, repair, disassemble airplanes, as well as make preliminary surveys, and estimate the required maintenance and repair of the aircraft and engine. It also equips them with the skills required for many vocational fields like welding, woodworking, sheet metal, riveting, hand foaming, and spray painting, they are also taught engine generator, ignition, fuel injection system and carbonation system and overhaul as well as electrical and hydraulic repair including actual airplane ground engine operation, testing taxing operation, a requirement in securing a license in Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).