ALIAC Begins Philippine Quality Award Journey

ALIAC has officially started its journey towards achieving the prestigious Philippine Quality Award (PQA). This initiative marks a significant step in the institution’s ongoing commitment to excellence in education and operational efficiency.

The PQA framework, which is patterned after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award of the United States, was introduced to ALIAC by Engr. Angelica Fraginal. In an orientation session, Engr. Fraginal detailed the PQA criteria, emphasizing that the framework is designed to foster system and operational improvements within organizations.

During the orientation, Engr. Fraginal highlighted that the primary objective of engaging in the PQA journey is to enhance the institution’s internal processes and operational systems. She stressed that while receiving the award is a notable achievement, the true value lies in the sustained improvements and advancements in quality and performance that the framework promotes.

“Achieving the PQA is not just about the recognition,” Engr. Fraginal stated. “It’s about embodying a culture of excellence and ensuring that our operational practices and educational services are among the best.”

Atty. Gomeriano Amurao, DPA, the Chairman and CEO of ALIAC, addressed the participants with a motivational speech, urging the ALIAC team to rise to the challenge of meeting PQA standards. Atty. Amurao’s call to action underlined the College’s dedication to maintaining high standards of quality and continuously improving its educational services.

ALIAC’s commitment to quality is further demonstrated by its existing ISO certification and PACUCOA accreditation. These recognitions affirm the College’s adherence to international and national standards of quality management and educational excellence.

As ALIAC starts this transformative journey, the College aims to leverage the PQA framework to build upon its strong foundation. The continuous improvement of systems and processes is expected to lead to enhanced educational outcomes and operational efficiencies, benefiting both students and staff.

The Aliyah ALIAC community remains optimistic and dedicated to achieving the PQA standards, confident that this endeavor will significantly contribute to the ALIAC’s mission of providing top-tier aviation education and training.