Intramurals 2024 Closing Ceremonies: Celebrating Unity and Excellence

The closing ceremonies of the Intramurals 2024, held on June 14, 2024, marked the end of an exhilarating two-week event, celebrated under the theme #WeAreALIAC: Soaring Together as One. This year’s Intramurals, which ran from June 3 to June 14, was a grand showcase of athleticism, teamwork, and school spirit, bringing together students, faculty, and staff in a series of exciting competitions.

The closing ceremonies were highlighted by the much-anticipated awarding of winners for various events, including the highly competitive cheerdance competition. The AV Yellow Strix emerged as the overall champions, demonstrating exceptional performance across multiple events. They also secured victories in the cheerdance competition, Best Banner design, and Scrabble, solidifying their dominance throughout the Intramurals.

The AMT Green Ravens took home the basketball championship, showcasing their skills and teamwork on the court. Tthe DTOA Raptors and Harriers emerged victorious in volleyball and also triumphed in the women’s table tennis category. The AE Blue Griffins displayed strategic prowess by winning the chess competition.

The AF Flying Minokawa excelled in the male table tennis category and dominated all e-games, including Mobile Legends and Call of Duty, highlighting their versatility and expertise in both traditional and digital sports.

The title of Ms. Intrams 2024 was awarded to Yuriko Marie Martinez from the AV Yellow Strix, adding another accolade to the team’s impressive list of achievements.

As the event concluded, the spirit of camaraderie and competition remained high, with participants and organizers already looking forward to Intramurals 2025, promising even more exciting games and events. The Intramurals 2024 was successfully spearheaded by the Office of Student Services and Development, in collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Studies, ensuring a well-organized and memorable experience for all.

The Intramurals 2024 not only celebrated athletic prowess but also emphasized the importance of unity and school spirit, truly embodying the theme #WeAreALIAC: Soaring Together as One.