Graduation of NSTP-CWTS 2023-2024: Innovate, Advocate, Lead – Phoenixes at the Forefront of Sustainable Nation Building

The academic year 2023-2024 marks a significant milestone for the graduates of the National Service Training Program – Civic Welfare and Training Service (NSTP-CWTS). Under the theme “Innovate, Advocate, Lead: Phoenixes at the Forefront of Sustainable Nation Building,” the ceremony celebrated the achievements of students who have completed the program and their induction into the National Service Reserve Corps (NSRC) of the Republic of the Philippines.

The NSTP, as outlined by Republic Act 9163, aims to enhance civic consciousness and defense preparedness among the youth. It achieves this by instilling the ethics of service and patriotism through its three program components: Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS), Literacy Training Service (LTS), and the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). Graduates from the CWTS and LTS components are now official members of the NSRC, ready to be mobilized by the state for various civic and literacy initiatives.

This year’s keynote address was delivered by Mr. Anfernee Ruanto, the Senior Program Management Officer of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). In his role, Mr. Ruanto manages the Continuing Professional Education Program, organizes nationwide training for higher education faculty, and oversees the CHED Institutional Development and Innovation Program, which encompasses over 80 projects. His extensive experience includes serving as a Professional Fellow in the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Professional Fellows Program, where he engaged with public and nonprofit organizations in Washington, D.C., and completed a tailored fellowship with the State of Hawaii Department of Education, gaining valuable insights into public policy and community engagement.

During his speech, Mr. Ruanto emphasized the importance of innovation, advocacy, and leadership in sustainable nation-building. “As Phoenixes, you are at the forefront of creating a resilient and sustainable future for our nation. Your journey with NSTP does not end here. Your graduation signifies your readiness to serve and lead our communities towards positive change,” he said.

The graduates, filled with a sense of pride and responsibility, took their oath to the NSRC, led by Ms. Jean Marie Obispo, President of the ALIAC AL Phoenoh. This solemn vow marked their commitment to the nation and their readiness to engage in volunteer work whenever called upon.

The graduation ceremony concluded on a patriotic note with the singing of the ALIAC Hymn and “Pilipinas Kong Mahal,” leaving attendees inspired and hopeful for the future contributions of these newly inducted members of the National Service Reserve Corps.

The NSTP-CWTS graduation of 2023-2024 has not only highlighted the achievements of its graduates but also underscored their pivotal role in the ongoing journey towards sustainable nation-building. As they step forward as advocates, leaders, and innovators, these Phoenixes are poised to make significant impacts on their communities and the nation at large.