Immersive Air Traffic Control Training: BS Aviation Students’ Educational Adventure in Davao

From May 27 to 31, 2024, BS Aviation majors specializing in Flying participated in an immersive educational adventure in Davao. The students, divided into two batches, experienced a comprehensive and dynamic learning journey focused on air traffic control systems. This hands-on training aimed to enhance their practical knowledge and exposure to the aviation industry, providing them with valuable insights and real-world experience in air traffic management.

Batch 1 attended the immersion from May 27-29, while Batch 2 followed from May 29-31. The program featured visits to key aviation and emergency response facilities, providing students with a first-hand look at the operations and challenges within these essential sectors.

The students had the privilege of touring the Davao International Airport, where they observed airport operations and management. A highlight of their visit was the Davao Air Traffic Control Tower, where they learned about air traffic management and the critical role of air traffic controllers in ensuring safe and efficient air travel. In addition to aviation-specific sites, the students also visited the Airport Fire Department, gaining insights into the specialized training and readiness required for airport emergency response. A visit to the Davao Central 911 Office further expanded their understanding of integrated emergency services and the coordination necessary for effective disaster response.

The immersion program also included a vibrant cultural experience, allowing the students to engage with the local community and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Davao. This cultural immersion added a unique dimension to their educational journey, fostering a deeper connection with the region.

A key component of the immersion was the series of lectures delivered by esteemed guest speakers. Notably, Mr. Ramir Pangilinan, the CAAP Airport Control Tower Head, conducted informative sessions that broadened the students’ understanding of air traffic control operations and the complexities of managing a busy airspace.

The immersion program underscores the ALIAC’s commitment to providing its students with comprehensive, hands-on learning opportunities. Through these experiences, ALIAC aims to prepare its students to excel in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of aviation.