ALIAC Ensures Safety with Specialized Aircraft Training for Employees

ALIAC recently organized an intensive training program focusing on the initial aircraft type rating course for the Cessna 100/150 series to enhance safety measures and proficiency among its workforce. The course saw active participation from members of the operation and planning departments which was held from May 27 to 31, 2024.

The specialized training program aimed at equipping the Aliyah ALIAC community with the necessary skills and knowledge required to operate the Cessna 100/150 series effectively and safely. With a primary focus on operational intricacies and safety protocols, the course provided attendees with comprehensive insights into the aircraft’s systems, handling procedures, and emergency protocols.

ALIAC, renowned for its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety across its operations, prioritized this training initiative to bolster its safety culture further. By investing in the professional development of its employees, ALIAC aims to mitigate risks associated with aircraft operations and uphold its reputation for excellence in aviation safety.

ALIAC’s proactive approach towards employee training underscores its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety for all stakeholders involved. By ensuring that its workforce is well-equipped and proficient in handling diverse aircraft models, ALIAC top management headed by its Chairman and CEO, Atty. Gomeriano Amurao, DPA, aims to instill confidence among the community.

The successful completion of the initial aircraft type rating course for the Cessna 100/150 series marks a significant milestone in ALIAC’s ongoing efforts to uphold safety standards within the aviation industry and educational landscape. With a firm commitment to continuous improvement and excellence, ALIAC remains poised to set new benchmarks in aviation safety and operational efficiency.