ALIAC participates in the Pink Paper Plane challenge with IWOAW

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Air Link International Aviation College (ALIAC), a pioneering institution in the Philippines offering degree programs in aviation, has joined forces with the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide (IWOAW) to celebrate Women’s Month through the Pink Paper Plane Challenge. The main activity, involving the creation and display of pink paper planes, aims to recognize and honor the significant role of women in the aviation industry.

ALIAC has been at the forefront of promoting gender equality among its students and alumni, making it a fitting partner for IWOAW’s global initiative. The College has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fostering an inclusive environment within the aviation sector, setting an example for other institutions worldwide.

The Pink Paper Plane Challenge, initiated by IWOAW, is a symbolic and creative way to acknowledge women’s contributions to aviation while inspiring future generations of female aviators. ALIAC’s involvement in this challenge showcases its dedication to supporting initiatives that empower women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

The main goal of the Pink Paper Plane Challenge is to collect photos of pink paper planes taken in 650 different locations across the globe, surpassing the standing record of 517 locations. ALIAC, with its extensive network and global reach, is actively participating in this endeavor, encouraging its students, alumni, and aviation enthusiasts to contribute to the initiative.

As a recognized institution in the Philippines, ALIAC has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing quality education in aviation and related fields. The partnership with IWOAW further highlights the College’s dedication to fostering an inclusive and diverse aviation community.

Last year, in 2023, ALIAC received recognition from IWOAW as the most productive organizer worldwide and was honored with the Pink Paper Plane Photo Award, further solidifying its position as a leader in promoting gender balance in the air and space industry. These awards were received by ALIAC’s Chairman and CEO, Atty. Gomeriano Vallecer Amurao, DPA.

The collaboration between ALIAC and IIWOAW not only amplifies the importance of Women’s Month but also emphasizes the crucial role women play in the aviation sector. Through the Pink Paper Plane Challenge, both organizations aim to inspire and empower individuals worldwide to break barriers and pursue their passion for aviation, regardless of gender. ALIAC’s active involvement reflects its ongoing commitment to shaping a future where diversity and equality thrive within the skies.