ALIAC Receives Publisher Approval from National Library of the Philippines

The National Library of the Philippines has officially approved ALIAC’s application as a publisher for journals and other instructional materials. This significant milestone was achieved through the dedicated efforts of Dr. Ethel Chua, ALIAC’s Research Coordinator.

In an interview, Dr. Chua expressed her enthusiasm and pride, stating, “Assisting all the institutions with which I am affiliated is my goal. Now that ALIAC is a publisher, it is a great achievement for us to produce the colloquium proceedings and its two journals for teachers and students. Being a member of the ALIAC community makes me proud.”

This approval marks a new chapter for ALIAC, enhancing its academic offerings and providing a platform for disseminating scholarly work. The Office of Undergraduate Studies through the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Lina M. Constante, announced the approval, highlighting its significance in advancing the institution’s educational mission.

With the status of an official publisher, ALIAC aims to produce high-quality academic journals and instructional materials that will benefit both educators and students. This achievement not only elevates the college’s reputation but also underscores its commitment to academic excellence and innovation.

The Research Office’s initiative and hard work have been pivotal in this accomplishment, reflecting the collective effort and vision of the ALIAC community. ALIAC looks forward to leveraging this new capability to further its educational impact and contribute to the academic field.

For more information about ALIAC’s new publishing activities and upcoming journal releases, stay tuned for future announcements from the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.