from the

Chairman & CEO

Greetings of peace and prosperity.

I awaken everybody to the realization that in a couple of days, we again resume regular academic programming. Consequently, I do again enjoin the community to ponder on the following cogent considerations.

The past year was truly productive, uneventful, optimistic and bright, and rosy. For this, we thank God and the rest of the community.

Indeed we confronted the challenges and proceeded to transition to full recovery. The adaptations made and the intensification of our online capability proved to be a saving grace and redeeming virtue. The adjustment towards partial in-person classes, however, will not depart from using technology as an anchor of our learning delivery systems. Hence, we are further scaling and leveraging existing learning modalities to comprehend more content-based resources to make the learning experience even more enjoyable and self-paced.

We are doing our best to navigate around climatic changes that frequently disrupt our day-to-day activities. As such, cancellation of school activities is a common occurrence, but we are hard at work to temper the ill effects of these developments in order to meet each and everyone’s expectations. The very same disruption likewise affects many stakeholders and service providers not only ALIAC.

All told. the College is positioning itself to create a bubble wherein, it can operate and conduct its activities at various points in the archipelago, making learning and training more democratic, inclusive, and accessible.

The looming fear of Inflation, although reported to be stable, did not escape the College’s attention. The College is addressing the concerns of supply chain issues and skyrocketing cost of operations without ever compromising safety.

It has positioned the price of quality education in such a way that we can continue to buy equipment and spares at reasonable international rates. We abide by the directive of the Civil Aviation Authority as to the maintenance of equipment and the mandatory procedures in the conduct of classroom and field training. We will not tolerate any shortcuts due to the exigencies of time and cost. If at all learning cannot be rushed like what some sectors are doing.

To my mind, we shall continue with our current path of development based on time-honored and tested methods of teaching which have been the sterling hallmark of the 40 years of training and learning experience of ALIAC. While consistent and unrelenting, we will not be blind and oblivious to the advent of change. The change for the greatest good.

Quality education and training do not come cheap. The tangible evidence of exceptional graduate traits will not escape 21st-century employers, including local and international airlines. Thus, we should not only train but should add value. So, despite anecdotal stories, and cheap narratives in social media, ALIAC remains steadfast in its programs and endeavors to make premium employers recognize these obvious differences, with God’s grace, making ALIAC the school and talent source of choice.

The theme of the Ruby Jubilee (40th Anniversary) is FIDES Rules! I admit that ALIAC is dwarfed as compared to other institutions. But despite the physical limitation, it had prided itself on competitive programs and respected practices that merited various recognitions and acclaim. It has made a name for itself. A household reference of sorts. Ultimately, making it top of mind when it comes to aerospace, aviation, maintenance, management, and the hospitality industry. The foretold programs constitute a broad spectrum of disciplines that are all integrated into the massive aviation industry.

Honestly, what prevents every young aviation dreamer to join our ranks is financial capability. Thus, we are coming up with innovative ways to attract impressive and bright-minded individuals yet underprivileged to be able to be a part of our Community and proudly wear our colors. We have scholarships to boot which hopefully can help make ALIAC education democratic and accessible.

Our humble beginning and exponential growth were all premised on our core values, FIDES. Hence, rightfully this year and the next five years will focus and reflect on who we are and not what people perceive of us. This humble representation was inspired by the late US President Hence Theodore Roosevelt in furtherance of his steamboat foreign policy when he said “We have a small voice but we carry a big stick”.

In the ALIAC context, we too have not so huge voice and footprint but we have created an aviation landscape that to this day permeates the aviation scene of the Philippines. Simply put, our community has touched many lives and continues to transform lives for the better. Ultimately, what will matter most are not the hallow corridors and massive tenements but rather the impact which we do to the lives of others, ultimately, making a difference.

In all humility, to this day I maintain that ” many are called but few are chosen”. We phoenixes are the few lucky enough to be chosen. We are different because our founders, the Late Capt. Geronimo Amurao and Dr. Myrna Vallecer-Amurao chose to place character and behavioral development as the pinnacle of our teaching philosophy, hence, our value system and beliefs structure: Fidem, Scientiam, Humanitatis, Disciplinam et Integram.

As stewards, it is our sacred vow and covenant to build on these successes as we thread through our academic existence, we aspire for good and greatness so that nobody in our community is left behind and with God’s grace achieves their full potential.

Once again I call upon our community to join me in prayer to God, that this year and the next years will be equally, if not exceptionally better and brighter. Inspired by His protection, I again implore everyone behind our causes and gather our energy in support of our activities, plans, and programs.

At this point, I convey my appreciation and endearing admiration to those of us who comprise the proud and few Aliyah! ALIAC Community.

I pray that our Community will be showered with God’s grace, favor, and protection. Mabuhay po tayong lahat.

Aliyah!- ALIAC.